About us

Our company focuses on the development, design and implementation of VoIP systems based primarily based on the Asterisk and Kamailio. We are constantly working to improve our products and solutions that we will be able to offer modern, safe and effective products.

In VoIPSUN we continually strive to provide benefits to our clients more personal approach that will save them their time, effort and cost of managing phone systems. Our clients receive the higher operational efficiency, improve business and customer processes. We are pleased that we can offer our clients unmatched support.

We draw on years of experience of ourexperts in the field of telephone problems, which in contributed to the development of drivers chan_ss7 (implementation of jitter buffer, help with porting to Asterisk version 11), to complete the development of cutting-edge VoIP traffic analyzer VOIPMONITOR and many other projects.


Prague // Plzenska 207