Complex VoIP solutions design

Before realization of VoIP solution is necessary to design it due to the quality and safety. Each one solution is more or less unique and it differs of many factors. One of them is the return on investment, the quality of the network infrastructure of Internet connectivity and used VoIP equipment.

VoIP telephony usually brings considerable savings in telephone costs where it is not necessary to pay for access interface (PSTN, ISDN2, ISDN30), but this may not be the rule. It is always necessary to take offers from known voice service providers, compare them and choose the best ratio of quality and price. In most cases, it is also necessary to build a separate network infrastructure for VoIP telephony, possibly using management network elements to set the highest priority for telephony and reserve them necessary bandwidth. However, In many cases, the VoIP telephony also work on a common data network with other computers.

The proposal VoIP solution thus consists only of selecting a suitable version PBX, but also the selection of suitable and proven phones, network infrastructure and assistance in choosing a provider of voice services.


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