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VoIPSUN PBX is a modern PBX, which we have developed based on our many years of experience and on the comments and ideas of our customers. Thanks to the technology used, the VoIP PBX saves you the cost of infrastructure, which is already sufficient with a classic computer Ethernet network. You do not have to build more and more telephone wiring and pay monthly fees for the physical connection of the PBX to the operator's network.

We do not limit you and that is why the control panel we offer is already equipped with all the functions in the base and its offered variants differ only in the performance of the hardware used.

We also offer the PBX as a stand-alone software package that you install on your server/computer and purchase only the license. If you are interested, we can professionally install the PBX on your hardware.

  • lower costs for operation and management of the PBX
  • lower or zero interconnection costs with the voice service provider
  • customization and reprogramming of features according to your requirements
  • the ability to use one PBX for multiple locations in your company
  • easy configuration
  • one-click upgrade of the configuration web interface and Asterisk


  • web interface in Czech, English and Slovak language
  • Czech, English and Slovak voice messages
  • SIP protocol support
  • compatibility with IP telephones of world manufacturers
  • interactive voice response (IVR)
  • incoming callcentre
  • night/day mode
  • call routing according to time schedule
  • list of all calls
  • virtual fax
  • support for video calls and broadband HD audio


  • support for TLS encryption signalling
  • support for SRTP encryption of transmitted voice
  • encrypted HTTPS access to the web interface
  • PBX security with integrated firewall
  • limitation of the number of calls according to the called prefix
  • daily and monthly call limits

Main functions of the PBX:

SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) protocol support
TLS signalization encryption
SRTP voice encryption
support for ISDN2, ISDN30 connections
unlimited number of connected SIP phones and SIP trunks (limited only by the performance of the HW)
Call Detail Records (CDR)
tariffication tables (billing) with peak / offpeak definitions
multiple internal numbering plans
intelligent inbound and outbound routing
routing rules based on time
complex numbers manipulations
custom routing scripts
day / night mode
calendar (iCAL, CalDAV, MS Exchange 2003, MS Exchange 2007/2010)
backup outbound rules
IVR - interactive voice response
music on hold
custom sound files
multilanguage messages
attendant and unattendant call transfer
DISA (Direct Inward System Access)
call parking
call forward - unconditional, unreacheable, no answer, busy, time or calendar based
mobility extension
conference rooms
call recording
API interface for CRM integration
remote call pickup
line calling groups
CID lookup (display caller name based on the records in the database)
phonebook with click2dial
daily and monthly charge limit
multilingual web administration interface with a simple translation into other languages
multilingual user interface
automatic devices configuration (TFTP, FTP, HTTP provisioning)
virtual FAX2MAIL
SIP diagnostics
graphical system status
OpenVPN client
NTP server (time server)
DHCP server
SSH access with root restriction

Physical variant of the PBX:


We'll select hardware tailored to your needs. From the smallest Raspberry Pi microcomputer to redundant server solutions.

Software variant of the PBX:


Do you have a physical or virtual server? We will be happy to install the PBX application on it.

Cloud virtual variant of the PBX:


Cloud PBX is a virtual hosted VoIP PBX that takes the worry out of maintaining a physical PBX. You'll never have your PBX down for hours or days like you would with a malfunctioning physical PBX.

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